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Our Facilities

We normally purchase all commodities from Harvesting Areas (known as “MANDIS”) from all over India. Our Warehouse, Processing and Cleaning Unit is situated close to Mumbai and near JNPT Port. It is well connected by Road, which facilitates faster delivery of goods to our Warehouse from all parts of India. The goods delivered to our Warehouse are stored in ideal conditions. The proximity of our warehouse to the port helps in making shipments quickly and safely. 

Our processing facility (Capacity 3000 Kg’s/hr) has been set up by M/s. Goldin India (Pvt) Ltd., Baroda (Designed by US company to meet US standards). The following machines to carry out the various processes of Cleaning and Grading. These machines can process the goods to achieve upto 99.98% purity.

Clean - O - Grader with pre & post Aspirator unit.
This is used to cleaning any kind of agriculture products and grade products such as Groundnut Kernels, where goods are sold as per their count per oz.

Vacuum Type De-Stoner
This unit is used to remove stone, metal, glass etc., i.e. impurities which are heavier than product as well as light air borne impurity.

Vacuum Type Gravity Separator.
This unit is used to separate light air borne particles and hollow or immatured seeds as well as grading of material by sizes.

Pressure Type De-Stoner
This unit is used to remove stones i.e. impurities which is heavier than product. Here the goods undergo the following processes.

  • PACKING (Including specific buyers Marking put on bags). Trained workers directly stuff goods into the container at our factory premises under expert supervision and in a scientific manner. Thus the chances for any sort of pilferage or weight shortage are minimized